Crowdfunding Rewards

Check out our FutureHear crowdfunding gifts

Our favorite thing about crowdfunding is that we have the opportunity to give back a little something to our supporters to say thank you.  We've got a whole range of 3D printed gifts, tours or workshops that you can pick from in return for pledging your support for our 3D printed ears project for children with microtia. Below we have listed our rewards so you can see what could be yours and if you spot something you like or want to read more about our project go to

$25 Pledge - Cool 3D Printed Necklace

A 3D printed charm necklace plus a thank you shout out via social media.

$25 Pledge - QUT Community Kaleidoscope 

Join our community! Have your own personalised 3D printed butterfly publicly displayed in our Biofabrication laboratory at the Institute for Future Environments, QUT Gardens Point.  You will also be thanked via social media.

$50 Pledge - Biofabrication Tour with Mia and the Team

Personal 3D Printing lab tour with Mia and the team at QUT, Brisbane.  You will also get a 3D printed gift key ring to take home.

$100 Pledge - Wall of Joy! 3D Kaleidoscope Art

Create a beautiful 3D personalised artwork at Hear and Say for kids and families to enjoy.  We will decorate the reception with large beautiful multi-coloured 3D printed butterflies.  Be part of this creative art installation! Includes a thank you shout-out via social media.

$200 Pledge - 3D Printed Phone Case

3D printed phone case with your name in either our FutureHear phone case design or a plain design.  Includes a thank you shout-out via social media.

$350 Pledge - 3D Printed Gift Card

Awesome 3D printed greeting card, welcome placard or table centre piece.  Choice of colours and designs including

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries

$1000 Pledge - 3D Printing Workshop with Mia and Team

3D printing workshop and tour for 5 people with the FutureHear team.  This is a fantastic gift for high school students and teachers or business's wanting to find out more about 3D printing.

$2500 Pledge - Corporate reward

3D printed personalised designed and branded (corporate logo) key rings (QTY 100).  You'll also be featured as a sponsor at our events - we have lots planned.

$5000 Pledge - VIP Gala Table

VIP champagne reception with the FutureHear team and celebrity guests at the 2017 annual Hear and Say Gala.  You will also receive a 3D printed badge or brooch to wear.

Please help support our crowdfunding campaign to fund $200,000 for our research.  Every bit counts towards making our project a success.

Maureen, Mia, Dimity and the FutureHear team